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About Chris Huffman

Has the trip changed you as a person, or the way you see life?

Yes. I've got too much stuff. Enjoy people and live in the moment.



What is your age?



What made you want to ride your bike across the country?

Retiring and I wanted to do this lifelong dream and "give back."


Where do you live?

Pensacola, FL. On the Southern Tier!


What is your profession?

Retired from law enforcement. Currently volunteer as a mission coach. 


What routes/years did you ride with Bike the US for MS?

Trans-am 2014; Southern Tier 2014 (Florida only)



How many miles did you clock in before the trip?

1000+ also ran over 500


What was your cycling experience before signing up?

Advanced; however, little climbing experience. 


Where did you find the most success fundraising?

One-on-one either face to face or personal message or email. 


What was your biggest worry before the trip, and how did you handle it?

Being away from the family and not being there to help with issues. My wife, Darla, was fully committed in seeing me do it 


How many fundraising letters/emails do you think you sent?

Approximately 100. 


What surprised you most about the fundraising process?

How quickly people responded and the financial amount each committed. Only three people said they couldn't help at that time. 



Do you have any pieces of general advice for new cyclists?

Tell everyone what you're doing. It becomes contagious. Don't come with any expectations. Every day will be a reward in itself. 





What type of bike did you ride? Where did you get it?

Carbon road bike. Professional bike shop in 2009. 


What is something you wish you had brought which you didn’t?



What’s one ancillary thing you couldn’t have lived without on the road?

iPhone allowed me to talk with Darla, contact supporters, upload pics, etc. on social media


What’s one thing you brought that you wish you hadn’t?

Cold weather gear. Took too much and shipped some back after talking with ride leaders 


Is there anything you spent a bit more money on that you were glad you did?

Tires and gearing


How much casual clothes (t-shirts, shorts, etc) did you bring?

Two t-shirts, two pair of shorts plus btusfms shirt and sweatshirt 


How many pairs of cycling shorts/bibs did you bring?

4 of each which included team jersey


What type of sleeping pad did you use?

3 season mummy




What was your favorite trailer snack?

Mt Dew and cliff bars. You can live on this stuff 


How often would you go out to eat?

Whenever available 


Would you cook at camp often? If so, what was your favorite recipe?

Nope. Brought some some stuff and used other people's jet boil when needed



Did you prefer to ride alone or in a group?

Each day was different but enjoyed riding with two other guys who were similar in skill


Would you rather be riding through steady rain or extreme heat?

Extreme heat! Oh yeah! Trained for that. 


What would you keep in your bike jersey pockets?

Cliff bar, map, iPhone, Gatorade packet


Did you use a rack/saddle bag/handlebar bag?

Saddle bag


What type of tires did you ride? 

Specialized touring


Did you use a cyclocomputer? What was your normal pace?

Yep. 15-22 depended on how I felt. 


How long did it take to learn to read the maps?

Great class. Easy to follow after being briefed by ride leader Claire


Riding on a flat terrain with a headwind, or climbing a mountain pass for miles. Which do you prefer?

Climbing mountain pass!


What was the most difficult part/aspect/state of the ride?

Starting hills and mountains in Virginia 




Were you an early riser? Did you sleep in?

Just a little earlier than most


When you got to camp, the first thing you did was….

Set up tent. Took shower


How often would you do laundry? 

Every day if available. Pretreated jersey


It’s the evening and you’re out of your bike clothes, fed, and your tent is pitched. What are you doing to pass the time until you fell asleep?

Talking with one another. Calling home. Preparing bike. Washing jersey


How many sink/hose showers did you take? 



How many loads of sink/hose laundry did you do?



On rest days, did you prefer to go out and see what the town has to offer, or did you hang out, rest up, and relax?

Sometimes we had community projects. Liked to explore community



What’s your favorite memory from your trip?

The riders and the people we met. 


Do you keep in touch with many of your teammates?

Yes! Still miss them, terribly. 

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